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Forget Tinnitus

How does ForgTin® work?

ForgTin® is a hook produced in 3d laser sintering and made of stainless steel and soft-touch silicone that is simply fastened behind the ear. When worn permanently during the day, ForgTin® reduces unpleasant ear noises up to silence. This reduces tinnitus stress, leads to relaxation and to a completely new attitude towards life.


ForgTin® is easy to fasten and available in different sizes. These depend on the size of the ear. The video shows how to find the right size. 
If you have an in-between size (e.g. 12.9 to 13.5cm), please always choose the next size (in this case Large).

  • Small :

    9 – 11 cm

  • Medium:

    11 – 13 cm

  • Large:

    13 – 15 cm

  • X-Large:

    15 – 17 cm

Affected Area 3


Affected Area 2

Musculus auricularis posterior

Affected Area 1

Musculus auricularis superior und Musculus temporalis


ForgTin® is worn permanently at the ear during the day. The hook works due to pressure distribution on three significant points – marked in the illustration.

This pressure stimulation initiates an „unlearning process“ that can lead to an entire „forgetting“ of the disruptive ear noise. ForgTin® thus reduces tinnitus stress and enables peace and relaxation.

Range 1 – Musculus auricularis superior & Musculus temporalis

Range 2 – Musculus auricularis posterior

Range 3 – Tragus

Experience silence with ForgTin®.

ForgTin® app

We support all registered ForgTin® users additionally with a smartphone APP. 

The app is like your personal tinnitus companion who supports you throughout the application.  The app provides you continually with helpful tips and information on the tinnitus and also serves as a tinnitus diary. After purchasing ForgTin® you get your personal login code.

Tinnitus can vary strongly and is influenced by many factors. Twice a day you can make a short entry into your tinnitus diary. Thus you can record the progress of your tinnitus and find out which individual factors, such as stress, life circumstances, jaw and neck tensions, can also influence your tinnitus. The better you know your own tinnitus, the easier you learn to control it successfully.

After purchase you get all the necessary information on the installation of the APP. If you have problems with registration or lose your login code, we will be happy to assist you.

Furthermore, you support our current research on ForgTin® and the field of tinnitus with your participation. Your data will be analysed anonymously and in cooperation with researchers of our scientific advisory board. Our aim is to better understand tinnitus and to further improve ForgTin®. Please support us with your feedback.


ForgTin® is a protected trademark of Pansatori GmbH,
Laabstrasse 96,
A-5280 Braunau/Inn

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