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Treat tinnitus sustainably

The ForgTin® earpiece

The ForgTin® earpiece is an innovative, CE-certified medical device.

Through gentle pressure stimulation around the ear, the stainless steel earpiece with soft-touch silicone elements can reduce annoying ear noises within a few weeks.

The ForgTin® earpiece is worn only during the day, is suitable for everyday use and can be worn with both glasses and hearing aids.

Every ear is unique. We have the right earpiece for you!
Find the right size for your ear!

ForgTin Ohrbügel

Outstanding consultation

telefonische Beratung bei ForgTin

Telephone consultation at ForgTin®
Your well-being is very important to us!

Therefore, we always take enough time for your questions and concerns. Our highly trained consultants will listen to your personal tinnitus story and ensure that the treatment of your tinnitus with the ForgTin® earpiece works in the best possible way.

Do you have a question about tinnitus, treatment with the ForgTin® earpiece or wearing the ForgTin® Earpiece?

We are here for you!

The ForgTin® App

With the ForgTin® app, you can gain a better understanding of your tinnitus and successfully control it.

The app supports you in the progress with helpful tips and information about tinnitus and serves as a tinnitus diary. You will receive all important information about the installation of the app after purchase.

With your participation you support the current research on ForgTin® and in the field of tinnitus.

Help us to better understand tinnitus and make ForgTin® even more effective!

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ForgTin® is a protected trademark of Pansatori GmbH,
Laabstrasse 96,
A-5280 Braunau/Inn

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