First-time application

Thank you very much for deciding to use our ForgTin hook! We would like to inform you here about the first results and findings from the collected feedback of the users of this series and provide you with information on the safe fastening and use. In very rare cases users encountered undesirable side effects due to uncertainty in use.

We are glad that approx. 17 % of the existing ForgTin users were able to reduce their tinnitus to zero, approx. 80 % of the ForgTin users experienced an improvement of 20-90 %. Only approx. 3 % of the users have not yet benefitted from using the ear hook to the desired extent

Please watch the video below before the first-time application so that also you can fully benefit from ForgTin. Here we show you in detail what you have to keep in mind while fastening the hook.
You will see, it is very simple:


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Fasten the hook at the ear in a way that all three effective areas are touched and stimulated softly or lightly.
Side effects in case of too strong pressure could be:

  • pressure pain at the points where the ForgTin is fastened
  • headache, feeling of pressure in the head

Fasten the ForgTin ear hook at the tragus at the front softly or lightly.
Side effects in case of too strong pressure in the area of the tragus:

  • headache
  • feeling of pressure and irritation at the tragus
  • irritability
  • a feeling of being charged up
  • sleep problems

Examples on the correct application

The following examples with images show you how to apply your ForgTin correctly.

forgtin wirkungsbereich

Position of the upper part of the hook

forgtin wirkungsbereich

Position of the adjustable silicone element in the furrow between the ear and the head

forgtin wirkungsbereich

Position of the lower part of the hook with a soft pressure on tragus

The above-mentioned side effects are temporary and can be affected by correct fastening and use.

TIP: please contact us if you have questions on the correct fastening and use – we are pleased to assist you!

We wish you all the best and get well soon!


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