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The story behind

I have been free from tinnitus for more than 3 years now!

My time with tinnitus began in the year 1999 with a bad cold, a plane landing and a dysfunctional pressure equalisation during landing. The severe, unilateral tinnitus that followed was immediately treated in the hospital with cortisone infusions, blood thinners, oxygen and sound therapy. Unfortunately, one week and many treatments later, I could not see any positive effect.

My tinnitus had manifested itself with a whistling sound like a defective radiator.

ForgTin Gründer Klaus Grübl

On a scale between 0-10 (subjectively perceived volume), I ranged between 4-5. This means that at that time the tinnitus could be integrated into my life relatively easily.

Through the years, I have increasingly noticed correlations between cold, stress, tensions in my neck and back and my tinnitus. An acute slipped disc in the area of the cervical spine and increasing knee problems did not improve my tinnitus state in the slightest. Two additional cases of hearing loss rounded off the overall picture really nicely.

Over time, my tinnitus became louder and louder and more evident – and could no longer be compensated. My visits to the ENT revealed nothing new. Neither heat treatments nor sound therapies had any effect. Visits to osteopaths and physiotherapists sometimes showed very short-term improvement. Acupuncture rarely helped, and certainly not in the long term.

Silence. A day, even just an hour without this penetrating noise – that was my desire.

My hearing continued to be good, except for the frequency range of my tinnitus. A very slight hearing impairment had manifested there. Additionally, I was confronted with hyperacusis, an oversensitivity to noise sources that had never bothered me before. And I had more and more problems following the conversations in convivial gatherings, because the individual conversations reached me like a „noise mush“ and I could no longer hear my conversation partners properly.

All of this became more and more intense over time. My tinnitus took on an increasingly intense role in my life. Falling asleep with tinnitus, waking up at night and in the morning with tinnitus, always tinnitus!

Coincidentally, during one of my many sleepless nights, I pressed a finger on a certain spot behind my ear and then fell asleep, exhausted, with the finger on that spot. I woke up about an hour later and was amazed to find a slight reduction in the volume of my tinnitus. This intrigued me and I began to explore the idea of pressure stimulation around the ear.

The first prototypes of the ForgTin® ear hook were created. With me as a subject and support from ENT medicine, osteopathy, physiotherapy, psychology and design the hook as we know it today was developed.

As for me, I was freed from my tinnitus after just 4.5 months. I have been living without tinnitus for more than 3 years now – and that is wonderful!

About two years of research and constant further development of the ForgTin® ear hook have motivated me to help you as a fellow human being plagued by tinnitus to re-experience silence. With the help of the ForgTin® ear hook.

Studies of the Medical University of Regensburg show a high level of effectiveness, especially in people whose tinnitus is the result of jaw and neck problems (somatic tinnitus) and stress.

I am happy to help you with my acquired knowledge in one-on-one consultations. Since many people affected by tinnitus get in touch with me and my employees, we conduct these consultations in Braunau, on the phone or online. To make it possible for everyone to get information.

Our ForgTin® ear hook works for many people affected, but unfortunately, not for everyone. However, we know that ForgTin® is simply wonderful, especially for somatic tinnitus patients. We therefore recommend a consultation to find out whether ForgTin® can also help you.

Because every improvement up to the disappearance of the tinnitus is a huge benefit.

Kind regards,

Klaus Grübl


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