The story behind

For 19 years I have suffered from tinnitus, being medically incurable and very unhappy about my future prospects. With my professional background in the field of learning and learning research I understand learning processes in the brain very well. On the basis of this knowledge I have developed and optimised the ear hook ForgTin®.

I have been free of tinnitus for 2 years now. Now I would like to share this with other people and at the same time continue research to better understand the complex effect mechanisms and to further improve ForgTin®.


ForgTin® sale of the series 0

Dear prospect customer, as you were able to read, a new two-armed, randomised, clinical study on our ForgTin® (The study number will be released soon on The study was submitted to the ethics committee of the Faculty of Medicine Kepler-Universitätsklinikum Linz, with the EK No. 1229/2020.) in October 2020. The end of the study is planned for August 2021.

With this study we want to further examine the effect of ForgTin® and find out clinically how strong the average improvement of the tinnitus is. Furthermore, we want to study for which type of tinnitus we can expect the best results. For this reason, we use the feedback of the participants to improve the design, the sizes, the materials or the ForgTin® app where necessary.

So far we have contacted many people seeking help with their tinnitus who have an urgent interest in our ForgTin® and want to purchase and use the ear hook before the end of the clinical study. Therefore, we have decided to offer for sale a few items of the series 0. The results from the one-armed pre-study were very good and encouraged us to do that.

If you decide on our ForgTin® of the series 0 and want to wear and use it already, we look forward to your feedback and input that can contribute additionally to our study on optimisation.

A first delivery has started.


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