Frequently asked questions

Who is the person behind ForgTin?
Behind ForgTin stands of course the founder and inventor Klaus Grübl. He is supported by many bright minds who provide him and the Pansatori GmbH excellent support in the development of ForgTin.
Is there a difference between the left and right ear – clamp?
This is a twistable earpiece. This means that an earpiece can be worn on the right ear as well as on the left ear.
How tightly should the earpiece be closed around the ear?
This is up to the user. Since the pressure sensitivity of individuals varies strongly, it is not possible to generalize in this regard. We recommend that you choose a pressure at which you hardly feel ForgTin, but at which it nevertheless holds firmly on your ear.
Does ForgTin work faster if the pressure is more intense?
The findings so far do not allow us to make a general statement on this matter.
We recommend that you adjust the pressure so that you hardly notice ForgTin, but it still stays firmly behind the ear.
My tinnitus has been getting louder since I started wearing ForgTin.
On the one hand, this is great news, because it shows that ForgTin and its mode of action are also effective for you. However, you may have chosen

  1. the pressure too high, or
  2. the sliding silicone element at the back of the earpiece is pressing on the auricle and not in the crease between the ear and the head.

ForgTin does not work for me, or I do not notice anything of the effect.
In this case there are also two possibilities.
  1. ForgTin is not properly positioned yet – see – “How to apply ForgTin correctly”
  2. you are wearing ForgTin for a too short amount of time.
If none of the points apply to you, please contact us – we will find a solution!
How do I wear ForgTin properly?
Watch this video about the proper wear of ForgTin
If you have any difficulties despite the video, please contact us.
Losing ForgTin while wearing it?
If you lose ForgTin regularly while wearing it, then:
  1. you may have set the pressure too low and are not wearing ForgTin properly.
  2. the earpiece falls off when you take off your glasses or mouth-nose protection. If this is the case, please be more careful when putting on and taking off.
  3. you are wearing the incorrect size. We kindly ask you to measure your ear again and contact us if necessary.
For how long should I wear ForgTin?
The effect of ForgTin may vary from one individual to another. You can monitor your individual progression curve in the ForgTin app. If your tinnitus has disappeared, you can stop wearing ForgTin at any time. Otherwise, we recommend wearing ForgTin for as long as possible during the day.
At what times of the day should I wear ForgTin?
ForgTin is currently worn exclusively during the day. Since uncomfortable pressure points and shedding could occur while sleeping, we do not recommend wearing it at night. During the day, ForgTin should be worn for as long as possible for optimal results.
Can I also wear ForgTin during sports?
In principle, wearing ForgTin during sports should not be a problem. However, if you feel that ForgTin becomes looser during sports, we recommend taking ForgTin off during sports.
I wear a helmet for various sports. Do you advise me to wear ForgTin as well?
If you feel unpleasant pressure, we do not recommend wearing it with a helmet. Be careful not to lose your ForgTin when putting on and taking off your helmet.
How do I get the right size of ForgTin for me?
Watch this video to find the right size.
The following sizes are available:
Small: 9 – 11 cm
Medium: 11 – 13 cm
Large: 13 – 15 cm
X-Large: 15 – 17 cm
Why should I use the ForgTin app?
In the ForgTin app you can see your individual progress curve. By regularly entering your data, you can keep track of your progress even more precisely. By using the app, you also help to promote tinnitus research – anonymously, of course! You will also find the latest tips for tinnitus self-help in the app.
Who does it help if I enter my data in the ForgTin app?
The data in the ForgTin app will help you first and foremost. In the ForgTin app you can see your individual progress curve. By entering your data regularly, you can keep track of your progress even more accurately. By using the app, you also help to improve tinnitus research – anonymously, of course! You will also find the latest tips for tinnitus self-help in the app.
Is the ForgTin app also available for my cell phone?
The ForgTin app is available for both smartphones with IOS and Android operating systems. Just check your app store.
Can I use ForgTin even if I wear glasses?
Yes, glasses are in no way an issue when using ForgTin.
Can I also use ForgTin if I wear a hearing aid?
If you use a hearing aid, there are basically no problems with additional use of ForgTin. However, it depends on the type of hearing aid. If you wear a hearing aid with a dome, there is nothing else to consider. If you wear a hearing aid with a earmold – please contact us. There is a couple of points to consider here.
Is ForgTin supported by my health insurance?
So far, the costs for ForgTin are not yet covered by health insurance. However, we will keep you informed about upcoming changes.
Can I still participate in the clinical trial?
Currently there are no available places in the current clinical trial. As soon as a new study is launched, we will let you know on our website and on social media.
It all sounds far too simple, surely this should have been around for a long time?
ForgTin was developed from a variety of scientific findings from psychology, medicine, brain and learning research, tinnitus research, osteopathy and physiotherapy. Behind the mode of action of ForgTin is therefore a complex process of already known mechanisms, which have not yet been combined in this way.
I have a question that has not yet been answered here?
If you have not yet found the answer to your question, please contact us directly.

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