Forget Tinnitus

ForgTin® is a patented medical device that helps people with tinnitus to re-experience silence. The multifunctional hook is easy to apply and reduces ear noises effectively and permanently.

RE-experience silence with ForgTin

Unlearn and forget tinnitus


ForgTin® is not invasive. The modern ear hook made of stainless steel and soft-touch silicone is worn comfortably round the ear.

The application works multifunctionally and step by step leads to „unlearning“ and „forgetting“ of the tinnitus.

Research and development

First results from medical basic research confirm the positive effect of ForgTin®. A first non-clinical study showed a significant reduction of the subjectively perceived tinnitus between 30 % and nearly 100 % in case of all participants within a few weeks. A current scientific study examines further tinnitus factors and triggers. The aim is to further develop ForgTin® and to get faster, better results.

What is behind all this?

What’s behind?

Developer Klaus Grübl suffered from tinnitus. He started to research and discover by himself. The result of this „research journey on one’s own account“ is ForgTin®.

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